The Best Free iPhone Apps of 2013

The Best Free iPhone Apps of 2013

Apple reached more than 1 million apps in just a few short years. Gaming, education, entertainment, and lifestyle are the most popular categories in 2013. I listed some best free iPhone apps of 2013 across all categories. I hope it is really helpful for iPhone lovers.

1. Temple Run 2


Jump, slide, jump, turn, Argggghh! If you have ever played Temple Run, you know this feeling. The game turned out to be a great sequel to its predecessor, with the main characters crosses over across all manners of landscapes as they flee the dreadful temple beasts that chase them. Much better graphics, gorgeous new organic environments, special power for each character and more features are available for iPhone users.

Temple Run 2 received over six million downloads in just its first day of availability and also taking the number one spot in the app store’s free games section in just eight hours after release. Temple Run 2 was the third most downloaded iPhone app in 2013.

Price: Free

2. Vine


Twitter introduced Vine in January 2013, an app for sharing six second looping videos on the service and in embedded tweets. Vine was the fourth most downloaded iPhone app in 2013. The app is simple to use for capture moments, and allows you to create short-form of videos. The video length is short enough to keep things interesting and also a great match for Twitter communication platform.

Price: Free

3. Snapchat


Snapchat is the most popular among 18-to-28 years old in the U.S. Snapchat processes 400 million snaps per day. In contrast, Facebook users upload around 350 million photos per day. Early-stage, there you have it – Snapchat is the “breakout” company of 2013. But Snapchat became one of the most dominant mobile photo-sharing networks. After 12-month timespan, the company grew exponentially and also ahead of instagram.

Price: Free

4. Despicable Me: Minion Rush


Despicable Me: Minion Rush based on the “Despicable Me” films. The game makes sense in fans of “Desbicable Me”, so the game is so popular. The game is simple. Your character taking on loads of obstacles, and you have them race through Grus lab collecting tokens and bananas to impress your big boss, Gru to become an employee of the year. It is very much like Temple Run but you may find it more enjoyable.

Price: Free

5. Duolingo


Apple announced Duolingo was named the iPhone app of the year for 2013. Duolingo received more than 10 million downloads. It is a best free language-learning app. It helps users to learn new languages from their iPhones with both visual and verbal lessons. Duolingo now offers five languages including Spanish, French, German, Italian, and Portuguese.

Price: Free

6. Candy Crush Saga


Apple announced Candy Crush Saga was the most downloaded free app of the year for 2013. After launching in November 2012, it received more than 500 million times and played over 150 billion times. The app has attracted more fans due to its constant updates. The smash-hit game has a high chance of domination for the next year too.

Price: Free

7. YouTube


YouTube still rules greatest for watching videos. Nobody beats YouTube. YouTube app for iPhone and iPad has received some major updates in 2013 containing video quality adjustments and accessibility improvements for Wi-Fi connections.

Price: Free

8. Facebook Messenger


The app was initially rolled out to small amount of Android users, but now it’s accessible broadly for iOS and Android. The app makes easier to chat with Facebook’s contacts without opening Facebook. It can also act as a primary interface for your text message as well, and you can send stickers and photos.

Price: Free

9. Flashlight


Surprisingly, the app was listed in the top 15 free apps. The app is simple, fast and bright. It offers nine different types of flashlights-basic light, to strobe, sos, emergency, motion control, spiral, glow sticks, and neon. The app will be more helpful for serious situations.

Price: Free