How to Choose a Webhost for Your Blog?

How to Choose a Webhost for Your Blog?

If you are going to start a blog, you must find a hosting service that caters to your needs. Following, we are going to give you basic guidelines that will help you pick the right hosting service for your needs.

Just read these guidelines and find the perfect hosting company/package for your requirements.

Know Your Needs

When it comes to finding a hosting service, it’s imperative you know what you need. When it comes to find a hosting service that caters your needs, you must consider the following pointers:

  • What sort of website are you going to build?

  • Which Content Management System will you use?

  • Are you going to use Windows Applications

  • Do you require support for a script?

  • Does the website need any special software?

  • The volume of your traffic

These are only the basic requirements. Still, they will help you get a clear picture of what you need for your blog. Draw a basic sketch of your requirements and how will they change in the future. This will help you get a better deal for your money.


There are several reasons why you would start a blog. As Cloudwedge points out, it can be for fun, popularity or financial reasons. Well whatever reason you are starting the blog for, you must find a web host that fits your needs.

When you are about to start a blog, you might want to save money by getting a free hosting plan. It seems great at first, especially if you have no previous experience of blogging. But you should know getting a free hosting service is a sure way to kill your blog before it even takes off.

Yes, you can purchase shared hosting. You share the server with another site owner. It’s getting a roommate for your apartment. But you better mind the fact you are sharing half of your resources with him. It can affect your site loading speed and other things.


If you want to build a website, then it’s important you find a reliable hosting service. Look for a company with a proven track record of 100 percent uptime. A high uptime will make sure the visit will reach you by your website. Thus you won’t lose any business.

Excellent Customer Support, you better know what does the plan features, including technical support. If yes, then how and when you will be able to reach them? Most companies offer technical support. You need to keep your eyes sharp and make sure you read customer reviews of the company before you buy a plan.


When your business grows big, you might have to migrate to a better hosting plan. When it comes to select a hosting plan, you need to mind the following things:

  • Will you be able to upgrade the hosting plan in the future?

  • How much will the upgrade cost you?

  • Can you change your hosting company in the future?


You should know what makes a good hosting plan. You should know you won’t be able to cover everything. So, pick a hosting plan with cPanel, PHP 5, and MySQL (version 5).

cPanel: cPanel is the control panel which is used to manage hosting accounts. It works just like a Windows Control Panel. This control panel lets you manage your website without any issue.

Fantastico: It’s important for newbies who create their website for the first time. This lets you install WordPress with just one click. The story doesn’t end here. You can also install forums, Joomla content management, and other programs even if you don’t have any technical expertise.