Is Mobilegeddon Really Started? & How Many Sites Are Mobile Friendly

Is Mobilegeddon Really Started? & How Many Sites Are Mobile Friendly

Did Google really start rolling out the Mobile-Friendly Algorithm last Tuesday? Until now, very few symptoms say hugely, but it might have just started about an hour ago. At the same time, the fear of Mobilegeddon encouraged many webmasters to make their sites mobile friendly. Google says that there was an uptick of 4.7% of sites that are now mobile friendly compared to two months ago.

Has Google really rolled out the mobile friendly update?

Last Tuesday morning, Google announced that the Mobile Friendly Update began rolling out but based on all the metrics from large data companies such as SEO Clarity, Search Metrics and webmaster forums. Barry Schwartz, Search Engine Land’s News Editor and owns Search Engine Roundtable, did not see any evidence of a change at all yesterday.

Google said that it can take up to a week or so for the roll out to be completed, so you might not see the mobile search results change much that day but you will over time.

“We have analyzed our data, but can’t see any bigger movements or winners/losers yet,” Search Metrics founder Marcus Tober wrote on his blog. Ryan Heuser from SEOClarity had a similar conclusion last Tuesday night from his data analysis says that there is no significant change in the mobile search results.

Barry Schwartz noticed that around 9am EDT yesterday morning all of those queries changed when reviewing them on his iPhone. He shared one example of Moz dropping from position 1 to position 2, since Moz is not a mobile friendly site currently.


SEO Clarity’s Ryan Heuser said in Search Engine Land, “1.7% difference in ranking domains between desktop and mobile versus the previous few days.” Heuser also said that the big winners thus far are sites like Wikipedia that are mobile friendly; here you can see their jump in visibility in the mobile results in the chart below.


The below chart showing the difference between desktop and mobile Google search results from SEO Clarity:


Mobile-Friendly Websites hope to see even more in the coming months

Google announced that there has been a “4.7% uptick in the proportion of sites that are mobile friendly” since they informed us two months ago about the Mobile Friendly Update.

Google said they hope that, now that this algorithm is rolling out, that more sites will go mobile friendly in the near future.

Barry Schwartz says that Google’s index of web pages is pretty large and there are likely a huge number of web pages that are not being maintained but currently still resolving.