How Do You Make Working Life as Comfortable as Possible? – #Infographic

How Do You Make Working Life as Comfortable as Possible? – #Infographic

Creating a happy, productive environment for employees is no easy feat and may involve an initial investment that employers are put off by. However, 2013 revenues increased by an average of 22.2 percent for the 2014 Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For.

So where does developing employee productivity begin? It seems that a good place to start would be by providing your employees with a comfortable and safe working environment which will help to reduce or eliminate the risk of illness or injury, such as eye strain or migraines.

To promote employee health and mood, Juice recommends sticking with lighting that is uniform throughout the office, instead of “localized” lighting like a small desk lamp. Natural lighting and uniform lighting is thought to help cut down on illness and lead to improved posture, performance and health of workers as well reduced visual strain and discomfort.

It turns out the color of your office walls, music at work and how your workspace smells can influence productivity as well. The color blue stimulates to work harder, green encourages to people relax, color white can inspire optimism, and yellow helps them focus. In a recent survey by UK licensing, best music to listen to improve the working atmosphere and increase employee morale, 77% of businesses said music at work. Classical, ambient and soundtracks is the best music list. The scent of lemon to boost your concentration, lavender has a soothing effect and can reduce stress, while peppermint raises your energy level and rosemary is good for your memory.

Check out the infographic below, Juice, a U.K. based electrical supplies company, created this infographic shows how you can improve the happiness and productivity in your work place by investing in the correct lighting, soothing color, music at work and calming plants that will provide a happier atmosphere for your employees.