Top Useful Tips for Your PDF Reader

Top Useful Tips for Your PDF Reader

Using a PDF reader can make it a lot easier to work with PDF, whether we are talking about books or work documents. There are plenty of useful features that you might not know about. We have come with a list of tips that should help you make the most out of PDF readers.

Sticky notes

This is another feature that can come in handy. Using sticky notes allows you to add your own personal comments. Each note you add will remain attaches to a passage. You are also able to hide the comments so that the page doesn’t look cluttered. It is also possible to change the text style and choose between italic, bold and others.


When you read a book, you can use pens and a highlighter to mark the important parts, but you won’t be able to “undo” it. This changes when it comes to PDFs. If you use an application, you can use various tools in order to keep track of all the important details.

The two main tools are highlighting and underlining. The highlighting tool allows you to choose any color you want and it will make certain passages pop out. Underlining is very similar, but it is subtler.

Read your PDF like a book

If you are a nostalgic one and you miss flipping through the pages, you should know that there is a 3D reader mode that allows you to do that when it comes to a PDF. You can try it out on sodapdf. Activate the 3D reader mode, and you will be able to test this feature.

Another advantage for the Soda PDF reader is the fact that you can use it with various other formats such as .cbz, .cbr and .epub, so you will be able to use this reader for comic books.


When you are reading a large PDF, you might want to return to certain parts. The bookmarking tool is great for this. It will be easy to jump to the bookmarked pages once you get a digital book that contains bookmarks.

Bookmarking is one of the best ways of remaining organized. It will also be quicker to go to the parts you want to access.


Saving certain parts of the PDF is possible with the snapshot tool. Capturing certain parts of the digital file is possible, and the result will be saved to your clipboard. Afterward, you have the option of pasting the capture into a document or a different PDF file.

This tool can be amazing if you want to share with your friends an inspirational quote. It is also amazing if you’re going to create a mood board of your favorite quotes.