100 Greatest Free Fonts of 2024


If you are looking for the 2014’s collection of fonts, if yes, this post should be an excellent resource for you. You will find full families, including serifs, display fonts, sans-serifs, sample weights, scripts and everything in between. If you want more do check out our previous round-up of 75 best free fonts for 2014.

In 2014, we saw some major design trends emerge and grow throughout the year. However, continuing trends from 2014 that we will see in 2015 include lettering. It seems that more designs are incorporating better typography, such as best visual hierarchy, more unique fonts, and strong statements. That will look for more of this in 2015.

There are tons of fonts all over the web, but here we have collected a small group of 100 greatest free fonts you can download. These fonts are specially gathered for designers which can be used on your web projects in 2015. Most of these fonts are absolutely free to use for personal and commercial projects. Also, these fonts will gives you a ton of fresh and expressive options to kick off 2015 with.

1. Gagalin

Gagalin - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-001
Gagalin - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-001a

Gagalin was designed by Greece-based graphic designer Iordanis Passas. The font is perfectly suitable for posters and comes with a full set of uppercase letters, variety of special characters and numbers. Gagalin is free for both personal and commercial use.

2. Aventura

Aventura - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-002Aventura - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-002
Aventura - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-002a

Aventura is a free font inspired to nature and camping life, designed by graphic designer Jimmy Kalman. The font is free for both personal and commercial use, comes with a full set of uppercase letters, numbers, signs and punctuation.

3. Axis

Axis - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-003
Axis - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-003a

Axis is a sans serif font, inspired by the geometry of the urban environment. The font was developed by Brazil-based graphic designer Jean Wojciechowski. The free download includes a full set of upper and lowercase letters, numerals and punctuation.

4. Simplifica

Simplifica - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-004
Simplifica - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-004a

Simplifica is a fine, simple and clear font, designed by KAIWA. It is a slightly condensed sans-serif typeface featured by a uniform and thin line width, comes with a full set of upper and lowercase letters, numbers, signs and punctuation. Its high positioned capsheight and ascender favours legibility.

5. Fira

Fira Sans - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-005

The Fira font family comes in a Sans Serif with 4 weights (Light, Regular, Medium and Bold) all accompanied by italic styles. The package also includes a Mono Spaced variant with 2 weights (Regular, Medium Bold.)

6. Luthier

Luthier - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-006
Luthier - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-006a

Luthier is a free contemporary and versatile serif typeface, designed by Adrià Gómez. The font comes with sharp and oblique serifs, high contrast, and four styles; regular, italic, bold, & bold italic. Luthier is available to download free for personal and commercial use.

7. Boncegro FF

Boncegro - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-007
Boncegro - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-007a

Boncegro FF was designed by Ukraine-based type designer Sergiy Tkachenko. The font comes with Latin and Cyrillic support. Boncegro FF is free for both personal and commercial use.

8. Anders

Anders - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-008
Anders - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-008a

Anders is a free geometric font featured by minimal and unique design. This font was an experimental project by creative advertising student Tom Anders Watkins. Anders is free for both personal and commercial use.

9. Big John / Slim Joe

Big John Slim Joe - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-009
Big John Slim Joe - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-009a

Big John / Slim Joe is a geometric, modern and simple free font. It comes with bold and ultra slim weights. Both designs are free for personal and commercial use. The font was designed by Ion Lucin.


Aroly - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-010
Aroly - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-010a

Aroly font was designed by India-based visual designer Arvind Kumar. It is a free polygonal heading font with trigonal lines. “Since polygon made a huge trend, so i planned to make it as a typography with can adapt in all devices. First of all i created high poly font with trigonal lines. Low poly font is Coming soon,” Arvind comments on Behance.

11. Reis

Reis - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-011
Reis - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-011a

This handwritten design Reis was created by Marcelo Reis Melo. The font is great for posters, logos and much more. Reis are free for both personal and commercial use.

12. Aqua Grotesque

Aqua Grotesque - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-012

Aqua Grotesque is a free font featured by geometric shapes inspired to 1940’s, designed by graphic designer Laura Pol. The beautiful and elegant design comes complete with a full set of upper and lowercase letters and numbers.

13. Norse

Norse - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-013
Norse - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-013a

Norse was developed by France-based graphic designer Joël Carrouché. It is designed mostly for the fun, inspired by nordic epigraphy. Great for pagan magazines, drakkar tv commercials or Valhalla invitation cards. It is free for personal and commercial use.

14. Born

Born - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-014
Born - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-014a

Born is a humanistic typeface that is based on traditional calligraphic forms. The font comes with some new features in its endings, strokes and drops, which provide a more open, fresh and actual look. Born was designed by Graphic designer Carlos de Toro. It also has a big X height, so offers a high legibility even at small sizes.

15. Brela

Brela - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-015
Brela - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-015a

Brela is a serif typeface of Humanistic style designed exclusively for editorial design. It comes in regular and bold weights. The font is featured by a really good readability and also perfectly suitable for headlines. Brela was designed by Makarska Estudio.

16. Bebas Neue

Bebas Neue - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-016
Bebas Neue - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-016a

Bebas Neue is a sans serif font family based on the original Bebas Neue free font by Ryoichi Tsunekawa. Available from Font Fabric, the typeface is described as “The new weights stay true to the style and grace of Bebas with its familiar clean lines, elegant shapes, a blend of technical straightforwardness and simple warmth, which make it uniformly proper for web, print, commerce and art.”

17. Azedo

Azedo - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-017
Azedo - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-017a

Azedo was developed by Portugal-based graphic designer Pedro Azedo. It is a free uppercase font featured by regular shapes with light and bold weights. “I wanted to make a font inspired on my new personal logo. I am no typographer, this is just a fun project which I decided to share with you guys,” Pedro Azedo comments on Behance.

18. Gidole

Gidole - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-018
Gidole - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-018a

Gidole is a minimal, smooth and legible free font by Andreas Larsen. The typefaces are inspired by the classic DIN #1451. The font gives a minimal look with the smoothest curves and curve to tangent transitions possible.

19. Blogger Sans

Blogger Sans - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-019
Blogger Sans - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-019a

Ukraine-based type designer Sergiy Tkachenko is behind this personality-packed upper and lowercase typeface, Blogger Sans. This font is available for free and commercial use for print and web allowed.

20. Marske

Marske - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-020
Marske - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-020a

Creative duo Kash Singh & Sergiy Tkachenko designed Marske – all caps free stencil display font. It can support Russian, Ukrainian and Belarusian Cyrillic style.

21. Jaapokki

Jaapokki - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-021
Jaapokki - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-021a

Jaapokki is a free font including 2 styles and a large set of glyphs. It was created by Finland designer Mikko Nuuttila. The font is perfectly suitable for headlines, posters, logos and more.

22. Manifesto

Manifesto - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-022
Manifesto - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-022a

Manifesto was inspired by the geometric aesthetic of the Italian rationalist movement in the mid 1920s. The clean and simple typeface design is great for creating eye-catching headlines, posters and more. Manifesto was created by designer Tomaz Leskovec.

23. Neythal

Neythal - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-023
Neythal - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-023a

United Kingdom-based graphic designer Tharique Azeez is behind this super cool free font, Neythal. This is an awesome handdrawn typeface that can make your design look fantastic and authentic. The font comes with a full set of uppercase and lowercase letters, numerals, punctuations and latin extented.

24. Moderne Sans

Moderne Sans - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-024
Moderne Sans - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-024a

Moderne Sans is a clean and elegant sans serif typeface, inspired to 1920’s, created by graphic designer Marius Kempken. “This Typeface based on upper case letters, but I create lower case letters, numbers and some alternative letters too,” Kempken comments on Behance.

25. Farray

Farray - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-025

Farray was designed by France-based graphic designer Adrien Coquet. It is an uppercase font best suitable for headlines. Farray is free for both personal and commercial use.

26. Uni Sans

Uni Sans - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-026
Uni Sans - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-026a

Uni Sans font was designed by Svetoslav Simov. Free consists of 4 font weights set in caps – Thin, Thin Italic, Heavy, Heavy Italic. The font is great for all manner of graphic design projects, from web and graphics to print and T-shirt designs.

27. Kino 40

Kino 40 - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-027
Kino 40 - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-027a

Kino 40 is a free font inspired by the handwritten style of old cinema, designed by les83machines. The font is free for both personal and commercial use.

28. Sunn

Sunn - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-028
Sunn - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-028a

A free Handwriting font, Sunn was designed by Gatis Vilaks and Krišjānis Mežulis. Sunn is a charming and uppercase font, great for headlines and promotional material with short descriptions. “We wanted to create a handwriting font which would still be a little bit “clumsy” but with a strong construction underneath,” Gatis comments on Behance.

29. Bizon

Bizon - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-029
Bizon - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-029a

France-based art director Axel Bizon is behind this personality-packed uppercase typeface, Bizon. The font is featured by irregular and handmade design. Bizon is free for both personal and commercial use.

30. Delicate

Delicate - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-030
Delicate - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-030a

Delicate is an elegant serif stencil with a contemporary geometric twist. The eye-catching design is available in three versions; rounded, bold and strict. Delicate is from the team at graphic design studio FAAK&PAAT in Bordeaux. The font is free for both personal and commercial use.

31. Asfalto

Asfalto - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-031
Asfalto - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-031a

Asfalto is a distressed font with an industrial feel. The font was designed by Poland-based graphic designer Fernando Forero. If you are looking to add a touch of vintage letterpress to your designs, retro creation could be just what you need. Asfalto is free for personal and commercial use.

32. Fancy Me

Fancy Me - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-032
Fancy Me - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-032a

Fancy Me is a mix between edgy, modern and yet feminine. This font was created by Quebec-based graphic designer Marie-Michelle Dupuis. Fancy Me is free for both personal and commercial use.

33. Nord

Nord - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-033
Nord - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-033a

Nord is an OpenType font that comes in four weights – Bold, Light, Medium and Regular – and which included Cyrillic as well as Latin characters. The font was created by Alex Frukta and Vladimir Tomin to celebrate the launch of the Nord Collective, their new motion graphics studio. It is free for both personal and commercial use.

34. SkolaSans

SkolaSans - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-034
SkolaSans - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-034a

SkolaSans is a normal and condensed font, designed by Lasko Dzurovski. The font comes with five weights – Light, Regular, Medium, Bold and Black – and which included Cyrillic as well as Latin characters.

35. Building

Building - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-035
Building - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-035a

Building is a free font in style “deco” with strong visual impact. This font was created by Italian design student Leonardo Gubbioni. “The font is primary purpose is to capture the attention, in a world where you are constantly assaulted by sensory stimuli,” Leonardo commends on Behance.

36. Reckoner

Reckoner - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-036
Reckoner - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-036a

Reckoner is currently available in 2 weights – Regular and Bold, designed by Alex Dale. This typeface is ideal for logotypes & headings, and is free for personal and commercial use. “Drawing inspiration from popular industrial sans serif typefaces such as Bebas Neue, Alegre Sans & Dharma Gothic, I set out to design a typeface with a modern twist whilst keeping the fundamentals of a traditional font. The result is Reckoner,” Alex comments on Behance.

37. Liquido

Liquido - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-037
Liquido - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-037a

Liquido is a modern and stylish typeface, designed by Italy based graphic designer Ale Como. The font comes with two styles – Regular and Fluid – includes full set of uppercase letters and numbers.

38. Kraftstoff

Kraftstoff - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-038
Kraftstoff - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-038a

Kraftstoff is a free font inspired to antique gas pump meters typography. The font was created by New York-based design student Guilherme Schneider.

39. Streetwear

Streetwear - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-039
Streetwear - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-039a

Streetwear is a bold and stylish retro-inspired script font. This is ideal for logos, posters, branding, packaging and much more. It looks like 1960s and 70s fashion and sport related typeface, unique and fun as well. This font was designed by Artimasa. Streetwear is free for both personal and commercial use.

40. Adam.CG Pro

Adam CG Pro - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-040
Adam CG Pro - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-040a

ADAM.CG PRO – previously titled ADAM – is an all caps, sans-serif typeface inspired by Futura. This font was designed by Mumbai based independent artist Shrenik Ganatra. Its sharp and clean appearance makes it a suitable typeface for headlines, titles, posters and captions.

41. Arca Majora

Arca Majora - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-041
Arca Majora - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-041a

Arca Majora is a free simple and geometric sans-serif typeface that began as an uppercase latin alphabet drawing exercise by designer Alfredo Marco Pradil. The font comes with one-weight-all-uppercase, punctuation symbols, accents and various language support.

42. Mink Type

Mink Type - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-042
Mink Type - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-042a

Mink Type is a cool hand painted display typeface, created by New York-based art director Filiz Sahin. The font is created by using brush tools in Illustrator. The font comes with 3 variations on each letter, including upper and lower cases, so you can create your custom feel for your design.

43. Fonarto

Fonarto - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-043
Fonarto - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-043a

Fonarto is a sans serif typeface with a retro feel, created by graphic designer Arwan Sutanto. The font comes with classic shape in some parts so that makes it modern style and classic impression. Fonarto is available in two version, regular and XT style.

44. Jauría

Jauria - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-044
Jauria - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-044a

Jauría is a text font family, composed by three weights: regular, italic and bold. The font has sharp angles, fractures, cuts and deformations which are associated with its morphology and the motivations that made it grow.

45. Neptune

Neptune - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-045
Neptune - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-045a

Neptune is a typeface inspired by the aesthetics of the violence of Ancient Rome with contemporary influences, designed by David Massara. The font comes in two variants, a standard package which is a clean and clear sans serif, and an alternative that merged the two influences to create a sophisticated contemporary look. Neptune is perfectly suitable for usage in posters/logotypes and headlines.

46. Cooper Hewitt

Cooper Hewitt - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-046
Cooper Hewitt - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-046a

Cooper Hewitt is a contemporary sans serif typeface with characters composed of modified-geometric curves and arches, designed by Chester Jenkins. The font is free for personal and commercial use.

47. Motorless

Motorless - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-047
Motorless - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-047a

Motorless was designed by Quebec based interactive art director Fabien Laborie. The font comes with three styles – Default, Drilled, and Hammered – inspired by good ol’ clunkers, wrecking yards, oil and dirt.

“Motorless is not an opentype font. For best results, when using the Adobe Creative Suite, use it with your glyph panel open. You will see a lot of special characters that let you make creative combinations quickly,” Fabien comments on Behance.

48. Vanity

Vanity - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-048
Vanity - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-048a

Vanity is new free modern and sans-serif type family, designed by Hendrick Rolandez. The font includes 12 fonts, including bold, light, plain, italic, narrow and wide. At the same time, it comes complete with a full set of lower and uppercase letters and numbers.

Vanity can be used both for personal and commercial works such as websites, online/offline magazines and/or books, photography, posters, branding & identity, or TV spots.

49. Densia Sans

Densia Sans - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-049
Densia Sans - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-049a

Densia Sans is an economic sans serif typeface, designed by Harbor Type. The font designed to be used in sizes from 6 to 14 points. Densia’s tall x-height and narrow width make it shine whenever there’s very limited space.

50. Roboto 2014

Roboto 2014 - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-050
Roboto 2014 - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-050a

Roboto has been refined extensively to work across the wider set of supported platforms. The new version of Roboto is slightly wider and rounder, giving it greater clarity and making it more optimistic. Roboto comes with six weights: Thin, Light, Regular, Medium, Bold, and Black.

51. Sinkin Sans

Sinkin Sans - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-051
Sinkin Sans - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-051a

Sinkin Sans is a simple, pleasant and easy to read sans-serif font. The font comes with nine web weights – Thin, X Light, Light, Regular, Medium, SemiBold, Bold, Black and X Black. Sinkin Sans is absolutely free for Commercial and Personal use.

52. Floki

Floki - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-052
Floki - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-052a

Floki is created to retain the deep roots of norse and the spilled blood that never dried. This font was designed by Norway based student Marcus Lien Gundersen.

53. Smidswater

Smidswater - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-053
Smidswater - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-053a

Smidswater is an attractive, flexible and professional free sans serif type family. The font comes with seven styles – light, regular, italic, condensed, condensed bold, bold and bold italic.

54. Anke Sans

Anke Sans - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-054
Anke Sans - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-054a

Mexico-based designer Noe Araujo is behind this personality-packed uppercase, lowercase and diacritic characters typeface, Anke Sans. It is a geometric, simple yet legible sans serif typeface. Its title comes across the credit of The Bauer Type Foundry and a common German girl name.

55. Docker

Docker - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-055
Docker - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-055a

Docker is an uppercase sans-serif font, created by graphic designer Slava Krivonosov. The font comes in three styles – regular, inline and pseudo-3d. Docker is available as a free download for personal and commercial use.

56. Mad Squire

Mad Squire - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-056
Mad Squire - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-056a

Mad Squire is a free geometric and experimental sans serif typeface inspired by double parallel lines. This font was designed by Tartu based Media and advertisement design student Nele Tullus. Mad Squire was made as a personal project and so it is completely free for both personal and commercial use.

57. Metria

Metria - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-057
Metria - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-057a

Metria is a geometric display typeface based on consistent angles and an imperfect circle. This font was designed by Washington based graphic designer Jake Lunde. It’s a very versatile display font inspired by rigid and geometric forms infused with organic curves to bring the words to life.

58. Boxing Wizards

Boxing Wizards - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-058
Boxing Wizards - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-058a

Canada-based type designer Katharine Howard is behind this personality-packed upper and lowercase typeface, Boxing Wizards. This font based on handwriting with a thick felt tip marker.

59. Focus

Focus - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-059
Focus - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-059a

Focus is a simple and contemporary shaped typeface, designed by Egidio Filippetti. Its minimal design follows the style of typefaces as Sans Serif, Futura and Neutraface. It can be used for a variety of typographic tools as for example posters, flyer, brochures and books. Focus is free for both personal and commercial use.

60. Feral

Feral - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-060
Feral - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-060a

Feral is a condensed and creepy typeface inspired by Tim Burton. This font was designed by student Marcus Lien Gundersen. A font created to put the scary and repulsing in your headings.

61. Cathedral

Cathedral - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-061
Cathedral - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-061a

Cathedral was designed by graphic designer Mariagrazia Marino. It is a free serif font representing the transition from the ancient to the modern Roman. Cathedral is free for both personal and commercial use.

62. Belepotan

Belepotan - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-062
Belepotan - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-062a

Belepotan is a free typeface based on handdrawn brush, designed by Arwan Sutanto. It is available in two styles – Normal and italic. The font is free for both personal and commercial use.

63. Duma Bold

Duma Bold - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-063

Duma Bold is a display sans free typeface by Ish Adames. You can download free for both personal and commercial use.

64. ABC Font

ABC Font - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-064
ABC Font - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-064a

ABC is a free font designed by Hungary based student Marci Borbás. This is an awesome handdrawn typeface for illustrations and comic books.

65. Retro Sans

Retro Sans - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-065
Retro Sans - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-065a

Retro Sans typeface was designed by Greece based graphic designer Vasilis Skandalos. The font inspired to old typography and also includes a business card mockup for your next project.

66. Paneuropa Neue

Paneuropa Neue - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-066
Paneuropa Neue - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-066a

The digital version of polish Paneuropa font after modifications called Paneuropa Neue. It is a simple but very beautiful sans-serif font for any kind of use. The font was designed by Bartek Bojarczuk. For now this is a BETA version.

67. Libre Caslon

Libre Caslon - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-067
Libre Caslon - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-067a

Libre Caslon was designed by Rodrigo Fuenzalida and Pablo Impallari. It is a revival of the William Caslon classic design, tweaked for web use. The font comes in two styles; Display style is optimized for Headlines, and the Text style is optimized for web body text at small sizes. Libre Caslon is free for both personal and commercial use.

68. Antifont

Antifont - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-068
Antifont - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-068a

Antifont was designed by Chile based designer Pablo Sepúlveda. “This digital source is born from a college job where each student had the freedom to create a font from scratch,” Pablo comments on behance. “For my part I rescued the handwriting of the mathematical physicist best known as the anti-poet Nicanor Parra.” Antifont is free for both personal and commercial use.

69. Close Hand

Close Hand - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-069

Close hand font is an awesome handmade font absolutely free for personal and commercial use. The font was designed by Bowery Studio design and TheFancy Deal.

70. Fins

Fins - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-070

Fins is a simple sans serif typeface designed by graphic designer Jake Kho. A clean and simple font and Fins is perfectly suited to child-themed designs and headlines. Kho created Fins for a typography class.

71. SRFM Neon

SRFM Neon - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-071

SRFM Neon is a free uppercase-only font inspired to neon light shapes. This font was designed by Srfm. SRFM Neon is available as a free download for any use.

72. Frinco

Frinco - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-072
Frinco - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-072a

Frinco is a free elegant, simple, uppercase-only font. This font was designed by Myanmar based graphic designer Ryan Pyae. Frinco is totally free to use in both personal and commercial projects.

73. Cutepunk

Cutepunk - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-073
Cutepunk - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-073a

Cutepunk is a great free handwriting font with three weights (Light, Regular and Bold) designed by cutepunk and flou.

74. Pirou

Pirou - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-074
Pirou - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-074a

Pirou is an experimental outline typeface inspired by Didot. This font was created by graphic designer Quentin Grébeude. “The font contains more than 300 characters including uppercase, lowercase, numbers, symbols, ligatures and accents,” Quentin comments on Behance.

75. Polar Vertex

Polar Vertex - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-075
Polar Vertex - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-075a

Polar Vertex is a display typeface that inspires dreamers and free-thinkers, designed by type designer Katharine Howard.

76. Polya

Polya - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-076
Polya - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-076a

Polya is a free font inspired by low-poly shapes, designed by graphic designer Adrien Coquet. The font is great for headlines and big titles. Polya is free for both personal and commercial projects.

77. Madariaga

Madariaga - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-077

Madariaga is a free uppercase semi-serif font, designed by Krill studio. It is free for both personal and commercial use.

78. Raw Font

Raw Font - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-078

Raw is a free font best suitable for titles and headlines. This font was designed by Mexico based designer Noe Araujo.

79. Ruina

Ruina - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-079
Ruina - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-079a

Ruina is a free uppercase typeface, designed by graphic designer Felipe Estay Miller.

80. Universum

Universum - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-080
Universum - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-080a

Universum is a free font created by Prague-based graphic designer JAF 34. It is perfectly suitable for posters and print design.

81. Nexa Rust

Nexa Rust - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-081
Nexa Rust - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-081a

Nexa Rust comes with 5 free fonts from all 83, including Script Light, Sans Black Shadow, Sans Black, Handmade Extended and Extras Free. You can be used these five professional fonts in commercial as well as in personal projects. Nexa Rust was created by Fontfabric designers Radomir Tinkov, Svetoslav Simov, Ani Petrova and Vasil Stanev.

82. Billy

Billy - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-082

Billy typeface was designed by United Kingdom based graphic designer Claire Joines. She initially designed to use on his art and for use in comics etc.

83. Novito Nova

Novito Nova - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-083

Novito Nova is a free font alternative to Novito, designed by Russian designer Nina Pushkova. The font is available in two weights (regular and thin). “This font was made for making people happy,” Nina comments on Behance.

84. Modeka

Modeka - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-084
Modeka - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-084a

Modeka is a free font featured by elegant, modern and light lines. This font was designed by Riga based designer Gatis Vilaks.

85. Kirvy

Kirvy - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-085
Kirvy - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-085a

Kirvy is a simple sans serif font family, designed by France based designer Youssef Habchi. The font is available in four different weights; thin, light, regular and bold. Kirvy is free for both personal and commercial use.

86. Blenda Script

Blenda Script - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-086
Blenda Script - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-086a

Blenda Script is a free experimental font inspired by lobster font, designed by Seniors Studio. Blenda Script is a bold, vintage script font and it is perfectly suitable for various purposes, including logos, posters, news, badges and more.

87. Zodiaclaw

Zodiaclaw - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-087
Zodiaclaw - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-087a

Zodiaclaw is a new free font inspired by lion claws. This font was designed by Bahrain designer Zaher Almajed. Zodiaclaw is a luxury font, and it is perfect for product title or logo.

88. Gafata STD

Gafata STD - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-088
Gafata STD - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-088a

Gafata STD is a free font designed for small sizes in medium-long text, mixing elegance and readability. The font is ideal for books, magazines and web pages.

89. Vintage & Eroded

Vintage-&-Eroded - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-089
Vintage-&-Eroded - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-089a

Vintage and Eroded font was designed by Iran based photographer and graphic designer aleph. It can be used in commercial or personal works.

90. Kel

Kel - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-090
Kel - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-090a

Kel is a free Sans-Serif typeface with three weights (Regular, Bold and ExtraBold). It is an uppercase typeface with smooth curve, designed by Porto Alegre based graphic designer Keine Martins.

91. Curely

Curely - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-091
Curely - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-091a

Curely is a free handmade font featured by cuteness and curly waves. This font was designed by graphic design team at Konstantine Studio in Jakarta. It is perfectly suitable for your cute and sweet design projects.

92. Troika

Troika - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-092

Troika is a papercut font inspired by Russian constructivism. This font was designed by Kaysersberg based graphic designer Joël Carrouché as well the Greek and Cyrillic version was designed by Athens based junior designer Panagiotis Chatzigeorgiou. Troika is free for both personal and commercial use.

93. Bear & Loupe

Bear & Loupe - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-093
Bear & Loupe - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-093a

Bear & Loupe is a free handwritten font family including 3 weights (bold, regular and light). This font will perfectly fit for headlines of all sizes, logos, badges, print graphics, t-shirts and other designs. Bear & Loupe is free for personal and commercial use. Designed and released by Rachid Aitouaissi.

94. Aaram

Aaram - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-094
Aaram - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-094a

Aaram is a unique font family that comes in six gorgeous styles – Regular, Italic, Medium, Medium Italic, Bold and Bold Italic. This font was designed by London based type designer Tharique Azeez. Aaram primarily designed for screen but it’ll look fantastic in print too. “Shape of this font, derived from the different radius in a circle & curves in a rectangle, thus Aaram is a Tamil word, which litereally means radius,” he comments on Behance.

95. Ren

Ren - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-095
Ren - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-095a

Ren is a free retro typeface available in 4 weights (Regular, Duo, Retro and Shadow). The font is perfectly suitable for logos, posters and motion graphics, etc. Ren was designed by Cyprus based Graphic & Type designer Andreas Leonidou.

96. Berlin

Berlin - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-096
Berlin - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-096a

Berlin is a free font family including 4 font versions – Berlin, Berlina, Slaberlin and Überlin – each of those provided in regular, bold and x-bold. This font was created by Brazilian graphic designer and illustrator Antonio Rodrigues Jr. Berlin is best suitable for headlines, branding, packaging, as well as large format text. You can download free for your personal and commercial use.

97. Totem

Totem - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-097

Totem is a geometric free font inspired to Native Americans motifs, designed by Spain based graphic designer Benito Ruiz. It is free for both personal and commercial use.

98. Voga

Voga - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-098
Voga - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-098a

Voga is glamorous display font, designed by Montreal based graphic designer Charles Daoud. It is primarily used for titles and large typography settings. The font was inspired by iconic typefaces such as Bodoni and Didot. Voga is available in regular, medium and bold. But, the medium version is only available as a free download for personal and commercial use.

99. Portica Regular

Portica Regular - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-099
Portica Regular - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-099a

Portica is a simple sans serif typeface designed by Portugal based designer Michael Nunes. The typeface comes with strong lines and robust body, inspired to Helvetica.

100. Boomtown Deco

Boomtown Deco - 100-greatest-free-fonts-of-2014-100

Boomtown Deco was created by graphics designer Chris Skillern. “I hail from Tulsa, Oklahoma, a city that flourished in the early 20th century due to the discovery of oil,” Chris comments on Dribbble. “Because of the period it was born into, Tulsa’s downtown is filled with beautiful art deco architecture. This font is a tribute to my city, inspired by the tall, condensed lettering of art deco-style posters.”

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