The 36 Best Photoshop Plugins for Designers

The 36 Best Photoshop Plugins for Designers

Our 36 selective Photoshop plugins help you to create awesome images and amazing designs. These plugins are most creative, useful, time-saving and effective for designers.

Photoshop is versatile and packed that allows you to produce sublime images, high-quality video and, with CS6 Extended, even create the most passable 3D renders. At the same time, adding a few optional extras available in Photoshop so it’s worth to get the most out of your investment.

But, Photoshop has some limitations. Sometimes it is not possible to do as we would expect. Designers often have problems with Photoshop functions that are non-existent. Thus, might have Photoshop is not a suitable tool for web design. So search additional software just to fit the needs of their imagination. This incident might cause sometime. I think impossible to find no more versatile software to equalize Photoshop. You should look for solutions to make Photoshop better.

I have listed the best Photoshop plugins for beginners and experts whatever you chose to do. These plugins could make Photoshop better and also increase your productivity to optimum level.

1. Glifo


Glifo is an exporter plug-in for Photoshop that allows you to export PSD’s icon layers as an icon web font, with a single click.

Publisher: ui parade
Price: $19

2. PixelDropr


Pixel Dropr allows you to create own 100 piece collections of the pixels you need, and you can reuse throughout into any PS document while you work.

Publisher: ui parade
Price: $19

3. Web Zap


WebZap- Creating mock ups in Photoshop the easy way. That provides you with a UI library where you drag and drop elements without having to create them yourself first.

Publisher: ui parade
Price: $19

4. GuideGuide


GuideGuide creates a Photoshop grid for you automatically. It allows you to set guides for your design with ease.

Publisher: Cameron McEfee
Price: Free

5. Divine Elemente


Divine Elemente is a great tool, which converts any Photoshop designs to a fully functional theme for wordpress in few minutes.

Publisher: Divine Elemente
Price: $199 (free trial version available)

6. CSS Hat


CSS Hat’s a Photoshop plugin that turns your layer effects into CSS3.

Publisher: CSS Hat
Price: $34.99

7. SuperPNG


SuperPNG is a handy tool provides more control of your PNG output. It supports Alpha channel control, variable compression and metadata saving.

Publisher: fnord
Price: Free



CSS3Ps – free cloud based photoshop plugin that converts your layers to CSS3.

Publisher: CSS3PS
Price: Free

9. Cut and Slice Me


Cut and slice Me- it helps with cutting, slicing and exploring pixels.

Publisher: Daniel Marcos Perujo
Price: Free

10. Skeuomorphism


Skeuomorphism- Become a flat design pro in seconds with this simple Photoshop plugin.

Publisher: Roy Barber
Price: Free

11. Zeick


Zeick is a Photoshop CC plug-in that allows you to export vector shape layers to SVG files. It is best suited for creating small shapes and also creating SVG icons.

Publisher: Zeick
Price: $19.99

12. Web Font Plugin


Web font plug-in allows you to use WebINK fonts, Google’s web font in Photoshop. And, also offer 30-day trial of Suitcase Fusion 5. Finally, you got the easy way to mockup a website using web fonts.

Publisher: Extensis
Price: Free

13. Enigma


Enigma lets you to produce lossless images in a simple and easy to use UI.

Publisher: Enigma64
Price: $29.99

14. Renamy


Renamy provides you to select a lot of layers and rename it in 1 click. It allows you to keep all layers in your list, and you can add or delete names.

Publisher: Renamy
Price: $9.99

15. Tych Panel 2


Tych Panel 2 makes it easy to create diptychs (double), triptychs( triple), quadtychs and virtually unlimited set of custom layouts.

Publisher: Lumens
Price: Free

16. Export Pro


Export Pro is a Photoshop CC plug-in lets automatically and precisely exports multiple layers and save tons of time. It takes the elements from various layers and exports them individually.

Publisher: diegomonzon
Price: $14.99

17. Mr. Stacks


Mr.Stacks is a handy Photoshop script that rapidly generates storyboard, layout, PDF for printing and sharing with others.

Publisher: Mr.Stacks
Price: Free

18. Adobe’s Kuler


Adobe’s Kuler is a cloud-based color picker tool that allows you to find color inspiration anywhere. Create color themes in a fresh new way with Kuler. Use the Kuler iPhone app to capture colors around you and save fresh color themes to illustrator.

Publisher: Adobe
Price: $49.99 per month (free trial version available)

19. Catalist


Catalist is a productivity Plug-in that allows you to perform a range of different tasks within your project.

Publisher: ui parade
Price: $19

20. Icon Plugin


Icon Plug-in allows you to export and import favorite icons or windows icons in Photoshop.

Publisher: sibcode
Price: Free

21. SiteGrinder


SiteGrinder is a tool that allows you to converting PSDs into webpages. It looks like a Divine Elemente that provides a one-click tool for designing web pages.

Publisher: Medialab
Price: $347 (free trial available)

22. Perfect Effects 4 FREE


Perfect Effects 4 Free is a tool that allows you to choose over 70 effects to enhance and stylish for images.

Publisher: onOne Software
Price: Free

23. Bounce


Bounce is a free plug-in that allows you to integrate Dribbble design community into Photoshop.

Publisher: ui parade
Price: Free

24. Blow Up 3


Blow Up 3 plug-in provides you to keeps photos crystal clear during enlargement. Especially, Blow Up 3 is helpful for designers designs large prints without computer artifacts.

Publisher: Alien Skin
Price: $199(free trial available)

25. Specking


Specking is an ultimate Photoshop plug-in for measurements and design specs.

Publisher: wuwacorp
Price: $19

26. Texture Anarchy


Texture Anarchy is a combination of three various filters for Photoshop. Each provides a different kind of seamless procedural texture.

Publisher: Digital Anarchy
Price: $129 (free trial available)

27. Subtle Patterns


Subtle patterns help to get the patterns in the easier and more seamless way into your Photoshop files. It provides more than 300 patterns directly in your Photoshop.

Publisher: Atle Mo
Price: $11.99

28. VirtualPhotographer


VirtualPhotographer is a quick and effective way to get refined images. That allows you to customize brightness, add style, seasonal color, and add more effects to create stylish images.

Publisher: Optik Verve Labs
Price: Free

29. NKS5 Natural Media Toolkit


NKS5 is a custom plug-in for Photoshop that provides a new panel in Photoshop CS5 and above, allowing you to create documents that look like natural paper backgrounds. Quickly grab realistic pencils, pens and more tools from a digital toolbox.

Publisher: Nkurence
Price: Free

30. Dev Rocket


If you are an iOS ui designer, then you’re going to love DevRocket. That allows you to speed up your entire iOS graphic design workflow. It’s specially designed to make your iOS Photoshop workflow more efficient.

Publisher: ui parade
Price: $19

31. Halftone creator


Halftone creator is a plug-in allows you to create a halftone effect for your images.

Publisher: Medialoot
Price: Free

32. Corner Editor


Corner editor is Photoshop script that allows you to make rounded the corners of any polygonal shape, multiple corner styles. Settings are saved to the layer so it can also edit multiple layers at one click.

Publisher: David Jensen
Price: Free

33. Pano Warp


Pano Warp allows you to perform pixel transformations used in panorama stitching.

Publisher: MV’s Plugins
Price: Free

34. Perfect Resize


Perfect resize plug-in allows you to blow up images without destroying the sharpness of the picture. You too can create high-quality enlargements easily and showcase your images at their best—even those taken with your mobile device! Available January 2014!

Publisher: onOne Software
Price: $179.95 (free trial available)

35. Punchcut


Punchcut is a toolset for managing screen resolutions.

Publisher: Punchcut
Price: Free

36. PSKiss Photogram


PSkiss Photogram- It is a beautiful, first of its kind Adobe Photoshop app and provides to bring the 70’s into Photoshop. That runs right inside Photoshop where you need it. You can think of it as a kind of Instagram for Photoshop.

Publisher: PSKiss
Price: $9.90