45 of the Most Popular Free and Premium Slider Plugins for WordPress

45 of the Most Popular Free and Premium Slider Plugins for WordPress

In this collection, you will find best free and premium WordPress slider plugins, which helps you to load your website easily with important news, multiple photographs and videos.

Sliders are mainly used for highlighting your best content and load multiple images or videos on website when visitors load up your homepage. Slider also allows promoting special offers and important products for eCommerce website.

Sliders have become an integral part of many free and premium WordPress themes. If your theme does not have an option to display a slider as there are many plugin solutions available that allow you to insert a slider directly into your website.

Now there are hundreds of slider plugins available in the WordPress repository, although finding the right slider can often be a challenge. I would like to make it easier to find the best WordPress slider plugins through this post.

If you’re looking for a high-quality jQuery slider plugin, this post should be an excellent resource for you. Here we have collected the best free and premium WordPress slider plugins. I hope you enjoy the list.

1. Dbox Slider

Dbox Slider - most-popular-free-and-premium-slider-plugins-for-wordpress(1)

Dbox is a responsive 3D slider WordPress plugin based on jQuery. The plugin comes with amazing features including unlimited settings and deep integration with WordPress Core functionalities. The Dbox Slider is having more than 50 options to customize the slider or visible data the way you want, and also it’s compatible with WordPress and WordPress MU. 3D look of the slider can also be controlled through that settings panel.

2. Dbox Slider Lite

Dbox Slider Lite - most-popular-free-and-premium-slider-plugins-for-wordpress(2)

Dbox Slider Lite is the free version of Dbox Slider WordPress Plugin with awesome features including full control on the customization of 3D transitions from dedicated settings panel. It also comes with multiple 3D transitions, responsive design, SEO ready and Meta information including author name, published date.

3. Meta Slider Pro

Meta Slider - most-popular-free-and-premium-slider-plugins-for-wordpress(3)

Meta Slider is the most popular WordPress slider plugin. It is simple and easy to use interface perfectly suitable for individual users, developers and clients. The Meta Slider Pro supports YouTube and Vimeo slides, layer slides with CSS3 animations, HTML slides, thumbnail navigation and more.

Full Details | Price: $19+

4. Meta Slider

Meta Slider - most-popular-free-and-premium-slider-plugins-for-wordpress(4)

The Meta Slider free version has also more features including select images from your WordPress Media Library, drag and drop them into place, set slide captions, links and SEO fields all from one page. You can select responsive slideshows from 4 different slideshow types – Flex Slider, Nivo slider, Coin Slider and Responsive Slides. The provided shortcode can easily insert slideshows in your blog.

Full Details | Price: Free

5. Cosmo Slider

Cosmo Slider - most-popular-free-and-premium-slider-plugins-for-wordpress(5)

Cosmo Slider is a ready to use featured slideshow plugin with an elegant design and user friendly settings panel. The slider is deeply integrated with the WordPress CMS to fetch and add default or custom post type, latest posts, category specific slides, images from media library, videos and much more. You can add a full width slideshow at any location on WordPress site by either using shortcode, widget or template tag. The settings panel with more than 60 basic and advance options allow the user to control the elements of the slider without any knowledge of HTML or PHP.

6. EasyRotator for WordPress

EasyRotator for WordPress - most-popular-free-and-premium-slider-plugins-for-wordpress(6)

EasyRotator is a simple and easy to use plugin that allows you add responsive photo rotators and sliders into your posts or pages. A widget is also available to allow you add images directly into your website design. Slides can be created with recent posts or featured posts. The plugin comes with video and audio support, SEO friendly and mobile users can use touch to move through slides.

Full Details | Price: Free

7. Slider PRO

Slider PRO - most-popular-free-and-premium-slider-plugins-for-wordpress(7)

The Slider Pro is a fully responsive and mobile-ready slider plugin for WordPress. The slider offers you 150+ options, 100+ possible transition effects, 15+ skins and much more. The plugin administration area is very powerful and uses the default WordPress design.

Full Details | Price: $25+

8. SlideDeck 2 Lite Responsive Content Slider

SlideDeck 2 Lite - most-popular-free-and-premium-slider-plugins-for-wordpress(8)

SlideDeck 2 Lite is a responsive slider plugin for WordPress that lets you easily create content sliders out of almost any content. The plugin provides you to quickly create sliders from text, images and video as well as connect to a variety of content sources like WordPress posts, Pinterest, Flickr and YouTube to create gorgeous and dynamic sliders in a few clicks without writing a single line of code.

Full Details | Price: Free

9. SlideDeck2

SlideDeck 2 - most-popular-free-and-premium-slider-plugins-for-wordpress(9)

The SlidDeck 2 premium version offers ten more content sources such as Facebook, Google+ posts, Instagram, and Vimeo. Beautiful lenses allow you to transform the look and feel of your SlideDeck in an instant.

Full Details | Price: $49+

10. Pointelle slider

Pointelle Slider - most-popular-free-and-premium-slider-plugins-for-wordpress(10)

Pointelle Slider is a responsive and fully customizable WordPress plugin that will help you adding a very attractive jQuery based responsive featured content slider with fade or sliding effects to your posts and pages. The slider automatically adjusts to the screen sizes and works perfectly fine on Smartphones and Tablets too. The slider can be easily inserted anywhere on the site by either using shortcode, widget or template tag.

11. Soliloquy Lite

Soliloquy Lite - most-popular-free-and-premium-slider-plugins-for-wordpress(11)

Soliloquy Lite is the free version of Soliloquy. The plugin allows you to create an infinite number of responsive WordPress sliders with an infinite number of images in each slider with a single click.

Full Details | Price: Free

12. Soliloquy – The Best Responsive WordPress Slider Plugin

Soliloquy - most-popular-free-and-premium-slider-plugins-for-wordpress(12)

The Soliloquy paid version is jam-packed full of powerful features that make slider creation both fun and easy. The plugin comes with features including complete embedded video support for YouTube and Vimeo. It also access to exclusive Addons such as Instagram integration, lightbox support, Pinterest integration, cropping, and thumbnails.

Full Details | Price: $19+

13. WOW Slider

WOW Slider - most-popular-free-and-premium-slider-plugins-for-wordpress(13)

WOW Slider is a responsive WordPress slider based on jQuery. The plugin comes with stunning visual effects and tons of professionally made templates. It is a lightweight solution too with slides only adding between 4kb and 12kb to your total page size. You should follow the installation procedure before installing because it has a different setup procedure.

Full Details | Price: Free

14. Smooth Slider

Smooth Slider - most-popular-free-and-premium-slider-plugins-for-wordpress(14)

Smooth Slider is a most popular responsive WordPress slider plugin that lets you create slides for featured content, images and videos. The plugin comes with features including responsive design, six transition effects and search engine optimized slideshow. You can add a slideshow at recent embed, categories and custom post types by either using shortcode, widget or template tag.

15. Akkord Slider

Akkord Slider - most-popular-free-and-premium-slider-plugins-for-wordpress(15)

If you are looking for a feature rich jQuery based accordion slider plugin for WordPress, Akkord is the right solution for this requirement. You can easily create and add an elegant slideshow of posts, pages, category archive on any theme template. The plugin comes with features includes multiple settings page to create and control unlimited styles and designs of Akkord Slider and run all of the designs at a time even on single page.

16. Meteor Slides

Meteor Slides - most-popular-free-and-premium-slider-plugins-for-wordpress(16)

Meteor Slides is a responsive WordPress slider plugin that lets you simple to create slideshows and publish them with a shortcode, widget, or template tag. The plugin comes with features includes mobile friendly, supports more than twenty transition styles, supports multiple languages and more.

Full Details | Price: Free

17. Accordion Slider

Accordion Slider - most-popular-free-and-premium-slider-plugins-for-wordpress(17)

Accordion Slider is a fully responsive and touch-enabled WordPress plugin that combines the functionality of an accordion with that of a slider. The plugin brings the best of both worlds, intuitive, offering a modern and engaging user experience.

Full Details | Price: $18+

18. Easing Slider “Lite”

Easing Slider  Lite - most-popular-free-and-premium-slider-plugins-for-wordpress(18)

Easing Slider “Lite” is an extremely easy to use WordPress slider. It is built to be lightweight that only adds 16kb to your total page size. The plugin comes with features including CSS3 transitions, integrated with new WordPress media library, preloading functionality to ensure your slider loads right away, bulk image uploading, and a visual editor for styling your slides.

Full Details | Price: Free

19. LenSlider

LenSlider - most-popular-free-and-premium-slider-plugins-for-wordpress(19)

LenSlider is a slideshow plugin with jQuery and CSS3 effects that lets you generate and easy integrate the ones to your site. The plugin allows you to create sliders for images, feature posts, pages and categories. Use a shortcode in your posts, pages or static php-code in your template files to integrate any slider you made.

Full Details | Price: Free

20. Roster Slider

Roster Slider - most-popular-free-and-premium-slider-plugins-for-wordpress(20)

Roster Slider is a highly customizable jQuery based responsive WordPress plugin. The plugin allows you to add a horizontal carousel into your WordPress site’s front page, other pages and posts. The slider also appears properly on all devices including iPhone, iPad.

21. Cyclone Slider 2

Cyclone Slider 2 - most-popular-free-and-premium-slider-plugins-for-wordpress(21)

Cyclone Slider 2 is a jQuery based slideshow plugin with an intuitive user interface. It is a versatile slider that supports images, YouTube, Vimeo, testimonial slides and HTML. It also uses a template system that allows developers to easily customize the look and behavior of the slider. Images can also be imported from NextGEN Gallery. It’s a simple and flexible slider plugin.

Full Details | Price: Free

22. Cyclone Slider Pro

Cyclone Slider Pro - most-popular-free-and-premium-slider-plugins-for-wordpress(22)

Cyclone Slider Premium version has plenty of additional options including move your sliders to a different server easily, adjust slider height depending on current slide, add swipe gesture support for touch devices, image resize options and much more.

Full Details | Price: $34

23. Slider Revolution

Slider Revolution - most-popular-free-and-premium-slider-plugins-for-wordpress(23)

Slider Revolution is a useful WordPress plugin that allows for showing almost any kind of content with highly customizable, transitions, effects and custom animations. The plugin comes with features including tons of unique transition effects and video embedding. You can add some killer transitions between them as well.

Full Details | Price: $19+

24. Pinwheel Slider

Pinwheel Slider - most-popular-free-and-premium-slider-plugins-for-wordpress(24)

Pinwheel Slider is a customizable and responsive featured jQuery carousel WordPress slider plugin. It allow you to add a very attractive featured content and image carousel with the ability to add ‘N’ number of slides horizontally sliding to your WordPress site’s front page, other pages, posts, sidebar widgets etc. The plugin provides large slide in centre and small thumbnails in both sides which looks stunning on homepage as well as other pages of the site.

25. WP Sequence Slider

WP Sequence Slider - most-popular-free-and-premium-slider-plugins-for-wordpress(25)

WP Sequence Slider is a beautifully designed and an elegant WordPress plugin. It’s simple, responsive, easy to use and modern slider plugin. The plugin is mainly designed for everyone to use easily. The plugin comes with insert sliders anywhere on your site using a simple shortcode, touch gestures navigation for touch devices, custom link text and more.

Full Details | Price: Free

26. LayerSlider

LayerSlider - most-popular-free-and-premium-slider-plugins-for-wordpress(26)

LayerSlider is a beautiful and easy-to-use admin interface WordPress plugin with supporting modern features like drag and drop WYSIWYG slider builder, timeline view, real-time previews, Google Fonts and transition builder for custom animations. You can add any content into sliders, including images, YouTube and Vimeo videos, text and custom HTML. It’s also SEO friendly by allowing you to build semantic markup with custom attributes that search engines can index easily.

Full Details | Price: $18+

27. Hug-IT Slider

Hug-IT Slider - most-popular-free-and-premium-slider-plugins-for-wordpress(27)

Huge-IT Slider is an awesome WordPress slider that makes quick and easy way to add custom sliders into your templates, posts or pages. The slider allows having unlimited amount of images with their titles and descriptions.

Full Details | Price: Free

28. Royalslider

RoyalSlider - most-popular-free-and-premium-slider-plugins-for-wordpress(28)

Royal Slider for WordPress is a responsive and HTML content slider plugin with touch swipe navigation. The Plugin allows you to you to display posts, Videos or HTML content, Flickr, Instagram, and custom post types like WooCommerce items. The sliders can be added to a page and there are four unique skins that can be applied to slides.

Full Details | Price: $24+

29. Responsive Slider

Responsive Slider - most-popular-free-and-premium-slider-plugins-for-wordpress(29)

The Responsive Slider plugin allows you to create slides into your theme, post, or page. It does not offer many settings when compared to other slider plugins. The main purpose of the Responsive Slider is to serve as an effective addition to responsive WordPress themes. The width and height of slides can be defined in the settings area.

Full Details | Price: Free

30. Placid Slider

Placid Slider - most-popular-free-and-premium-slider-plugins-for-wordpress(30)

Placid for WordPress is a perfect jQuery slider to showcase logo and brands in footer area or widgets. The plugin is customizable that will help you add a smoothly scrolling horizontal or vertical jQuery Slideshow to your WordPress site’s front page, posts, other pages, sidebar widgets etc. It is responsive in nature that means the slider will also look awesome on all devices including tablets and Smartphones. If you are using a responsive theme, the slider will adjust according to the browser size.

31. Dynamic Content Gallery

Dynamic Content Gallery - most-popular-free-and-premium-slider-plugins-for-wordpress(31)

Dynamic Content Gallery for WordPress creates a dynamic gallery of images for latest or featured content posts, pages, categories, and Custom Post Type posts.

Full Details | Price: Free

32. Promotion Slider

Promotion Slider - most-popular-free-and-premium-slider-plugins-for-wordpress(32)

Promotion slider is a highly-customizable jQuery slider that makes it easy to insert a slideshow or multiple rotating ad zones on a webpage. You can easily create promotions in the WordPress admin area; complete with a title, content and image. Promotion Slider has designed with SEO in mind, and also it can be integrated anywhere on your blog or website.

Full Details | Price: Free

33. WP Parallax Content Slider

WP Parallax content slider - most-popular-free-and-premium-slider-plugins-for-wordpress(33)

WP Parallax Content Slider is a customizable JQuery slider plugin which adds automatically a content slider of your last posts where you want on your WordPress blog or website.

Full Details | Price: Free

34. Thumbel Slider

Thumbel Slider - most-popular-free-and-premium-slider-plugins-for-wordpress(34)

Thumbel Slider is a dual image like thumbnail and large image responsive content slider plugin. You can embed this slider on site’s homepage, other pages, posts, sidebar etc. You can add a slideshow at regular posts, pages, custom post types and media library images can also be easily added to the slider through the edit panel on the WordPress admin.

35. Genesis Responsive Slider

Genesis Responsive Slider - most-popular-free-and-premium-slider-plugins-for-wordpress(35)

Genesis Responsive Slider plugin allows you to create a simple responsive slider for featured content. The plugin comes with features includes options for the maximum dimensions of your slideshow and allows you to choose to display posts or pages. It also includes what category to pull from and specific post IDs of the posts you want to display as well.

Full Details | Price: Free

36. TouchCarousel

TouchCarousel - most-popular-free-and-premium-slider-plugins-for-wordpress(36)

TouchCarousel is a posts content slider WordPress plugin with touch navigation for mobile devices. The plugin comes with features including SEO optimized, over twenty different options to control layout, fast CSS3 transitions and more. You can slide custom post types, with custom taxonomies (categories, tags, e.t.c.) and create layout templates using simple templating system.

Full Details | Price: $21+

37. Slideshow Gallery

Slideshow Gallery - most-popular-free-and-premium-slider-plugins-for-wordpress(37)

Slideshow Gallery is an animated and JavaScript powered slideshow plugin that allows you to showcase on your WordPress featured content. You can easily display multiple galleries throughout your WordPress website displaying your custom added slides, slide galleries from WordPress posts or pages.

Full Details | Price: Free

38. Page Flip Image Gallery

Page Flip Image Gallery - most-popular-free-and-premium-slider-plugins-for-wordpress(38)

You need to make a bright and memorable presentation, portfolio or image gallery? FlippingBook is the right solution for this requirement. This WordPress Gallery plugin helps you to create Image Gallery with Page Flip effects on your blog.

39. WordPress Content Slide

WP Content Slide - most-popular-free-and-premium-slider-plugins-for-wordpress(39)

Content Slide is used to create fully customizable jquery fading image slideshow anywhere within your WordPress site. The plugin comes with custom options include slideshow size, color, style and more.

Full Details | Price: Free

40. Responsive Zoom In/Out Slider

Responsive Zoom Effect Slider - most-popular-free-and-premium-slider-plugins-for-wordpress(40)

The Zoom In/Out Slider is a beautiful responsive slider plugin that zooms into the image that is being displayed. The plugin comes in 4 versions such as Fixed Dimensions, Full Width, Full Screen and SideBar banners/Mini-Galeries. Each style can be further enhanced by choosing from one of the three predefined skins and a fade or slide transition.

Full Details | Price: $18+

41. Smart Slider 2

Smart Slider 2 - most-popular-free-and-premium-slider-plugins-for-wordpress(41)

Smart Slider 2 is a highly customizable and responsive WordPress slider. The plugin comes with an intuitive interface for backend, which makes easy for anyone to design beautiful sliders in minutes. The plugin comes with features including user-friendly, integrated with new WordPress media library, site layout creator and multilevel animation system. The slider can be easily inserted anywhere on the site by either using shortcode or in-build widget.

Full Details | Price: Free

42. Verticalis Slider

Verticalis Slider - most-popular-free-and-premium-slider-plugins-for-wordpress(42)

Verticalis Slider is a highly customizable WordPress plugin. The plugin provides a spineless slider to your WordPress site’s front page, other pages and posts. The media library images can be easily added to the slider through the edit section on the admin panel. The slider can be easily inserted anywhere on the site either using a template tag in the respective template file or Slider shortcode or simple widget.

43. Simple HTML Slider

Simple HTML Slider - most-popular-free-and-premium-slider-plugins-for-wordpress(43)

Simple HTML Slider is a basic HTML content slider that allows you to create HTML slides within seconds and without any fuzz. You can create any type of slides using SHTML Slider be it a simple HTML snippet, YouTube or Vimeo video, Image and Map. It is an easy-to-use slider plugin with an intuitive user interface.

Full Details | Price: Free

44. Easy WordPress Parallax Slider

Easy WordPress Parallax Slider - most-popular-free-and-premium-slider-plugins-for-wordpress(44)

Easy WordPress Parallax Slider is a WordPress plugin with CSS3 and jQuery effects. You can create an unlimited parallex slider with different settings for each slider. And also support the shortcode so you can show this anywhere on the site.

Full Details | Price: Free

45. Indexo Slider

Indexo Slider - most-popular-free-and-premium-slider-plugins-for-wordpress(45)

Indexo Slider is a jQuery based responsive featured content slider. It gives you full control to customize each and every element of the slider from WordPress dashboard. And also you can change the look and style of the slider without any knowledge of languages like HTML, PHP, and CSS.