Brands That Have Been Naughty & Nice On Social Media – #infographic

Brands That Have Been Naughty & Nice On Social Media – #infographic

Among the technology brands getting positive mentions on social media are Apple, Amazon and Nintendo. Those getting negative mentions are Facebook, Twitter and Yahoo.

Which social media brands have been naughty and which have been nice this year? Santa might not know. However, the folks at Hootsuite have tried to figure it out with some sentiment analysis.

Hootsuite tracked brands in Retail, Financial Services, Automotive, Travel & Hospitality, Food & Beverage, Technology, Consumer Packaged Goods and Media & Entertainment to figure out which seemed to be getting the most positive — the nice — and those getting the most negative mentions — the naughty.

Among the nice: retailer companies Crate & Barrel, credit card companies Visa and MasterCard, Automotive Mini Cooper and Audi, Renaissance Hotels, Folgers, tech giants Apple and Amazon, along with Friskies and Travel Channel.

Among the naughty: Dollar Tree, Goldman Sachs, General Motors, Dasani, US Airways, the New York Times, Clorox, and social media companies Twitter and Facebook.

Below, even more brands in the naughty and nice list: