How to Create Your Very First Digital Portfolio

Nowadays, digital portfolios are becoming more and more popular. Lots of contemporary artists, writers, and developers launch digital portfolios for various reasons, but mostly because the digital portfolio can be seen by potential employers or investors from all over the world. Thus, it becomes the best way to make a statement.

What is Digital Portfolio and Why Do I Need It?

Basically, a digital portfolio is a set of pictures of your best works and projects as well as some information about you, which is made to show your clients what you are capable of. So if you are an artist, photographer, or web designer, you probably know how important it is to show your clients what exactly you can do for them.

How Do I Make a Digital Portfolio?

Making your very first digital portfolio is actually very easy, moreover, you can do it by yourself despite the fact that you have no coding skills. All you have to do is to launch a website and install a lovely WordPress business templates on it. That’s it. You did it.

How Do I Make the One and Only Digital Portfolio?

Since launching a portfolio website is super easy, we are going to talk about something more difficult yet extremely important – how to make your digital portfolio outstanding. There are several simple but at the same time working tips and tricks that will definitely help you to bring your digital portfolio to the next level, so let us check them out.

1. Start from the very beginning

Your portfolio should be creative and outstanding, however, in your pursuit of creativity you don’t want to miss some important things such as specifying who you are and what you do or giving your contact info. Remember that your portfolio is aimed to present you, so start with including some information about yourself as well as providing your contact information.


You can easily achieve this goal with Richard Gore – Writer Portfolio Elementor WordPress Theme. This great WordPress theme has literally everything for your creative and at the same time informative portfolio. The theme has a striking fully responsive design as well as a set of various pages among which are Home Page, About, Events, My Books, Single Book, and Blog. Besides, Richard Gore is equipped with thousands of free images, Jet Elements Plugin, and Jet Theme Core. Make you informative portfolio with Richard Gore – Writer Portfolio Elementor WordPress Theme.

2. Show off your best works on your home page

Your Home is going to be the most visited page of your portfolio website, so it’s pretty clear that you have made it lovely and eye-catching. However, many people do not know that a beautiful home page is not enough. In order to get more clients you have to place some photos or screenshots of your best works on your home page. Consequently, your potential clients will instantly see what you are really capable of.


Making a nice home page that will hold the images of your works won’t be a problem with Anna Solas – Photographer Portfolio WordPress Theme. This truly beautiful theme will no doubt bring your digital portfolio to the next level. The theme is fully responsive and comes with some eye-catching pages including Home Page, About Page, Service Page, Gallery Page, Blog, and Clients Page. Moreover, it is built with Elementor Page Builder, that being said, you will be able to effortlessly customize your home page according to all your needs. So make a portfolio that will lead you to success with Anna Solas – Photographer Portfolio WordPress Theme.

3. Become an animation king/queen

If you want to make a truly unique portfolio website, you might want to consider getting a theme with cool animation effects. Animation indeed will make your portfolio website the one and only and therefore attract more clients.


Zoomin – Photographer Portfolio WordPress Theme is probably the best theme that will allow you to set some nice animations on your portfolio website. The theme has a stylish fully responsive design as well as all the features needed for a decent portfolio. For instance, Zooming is equipped with various pages for all occasions, Jet Elements Plugin, Booked Appointment Plugin, MegaMenu, and various Cherry plugins. Make your perfect digital portfolio with Zoomin – Photographer Portfolio WordPress Theme.

4. Use social media

Nowadays, social networks are perhaps the easiest way to advertise oneself, especially for those who have thousands of followers. So integrate your digital portfolio into your social media accounts and vice versa and soon you’ll see that the number of your clients has significantly increased.