How to Perform Corrupted Sd Card Recovery Free

How to Perform Corrupted Sd Card Recovery Free

A corrupted SD card does not provide you the access to the data stored on it. Not being able to access your important data is devastation that happens to everyone once in a while. Losing your data is no longer a problem since there are many ways to recover it.

The first and most important factor to consider when it comes to performing the recovery of a corrupted SD card is the working of the SD card. You are required to fix the SD card first before you start to recover the lost files. Many inexpert people have to get help from the professionals for recovery from the corrupted SD card. Hiring a professional to get it done can be very expensive. Here we are going to tell you how you can perform the corrupted SD card recovery for free.

1. Stop writing data to the corrupted SD card:

Wherever you encounter the problem of corrupted SD card, the first thing you should do is stop using it anymore. Generally, your SD card doesn’t delete the files. It simply pretends that it has deleted the data and it is not here anymore. It allows the user to over-write the data on the card. The newly written data starts residing on the top of the old data. When this happens, recovery becomes impossible. It is advisable to remove the corrupted SD card from the device immediately to prevent overwriting.

2. Use the software to recover the data:

There is plenty of software that actually helps you escape the problematic situation in which you lose the data. There are some applications which cost you a little while some of them are free. You can download any available software to perform the recovery. If you are using pc to recover, try to free download memory card recovery software for pc. Here are a few steps, to use the software effectively.

    i. Download the software in your device. After downloading, install the software. Make sure that there is no unwanted or additional software downloading with the leading software you are downloading.

    ii. Insert the memory card in card reader and run the software. As soon as you insert the SD card, the downloaded software starts running automatically.

    iii. Select the SD card you want to recover and click next. Before you start recovering, you are required to choose the destination folder where the software will place the files after recovery. Once the software finishes the work, open the destination folder to see what it has recovered.

3. Don’t format the SD card:

Many people immediately jump to formatting the card as soon as they receive the message from the device that the SD card is corrupt. Once you format the card, it becomes very difficult to do the recovery of the corrupted card. The formatting actually removes the data which your device pretends to have deleted.

4. Try connecting to another device:

If your device says that you cannot access the SD card because it is damaged, don’t rush towards formatting it. First, try to figure out if the card is corrupted or your device is not being able to access the card. For this, try switching your card to another device to see if that device is also giving the same message or not. If luckily that device gives you access to the data, immediately back up the data.


In this article, we have provided you with some tips that can help you recover the corrupted SD card for free. Although retrieving the data from the damaged or corrupted SD card is possible, make sure that you take care of the card and don’t let it get damaged. You should never remove the card while it is in use. Never use the SD card when the memory of the device is low.

Make sure that you have properly encased the card when it is not in the device. Apart from that, just to ensure safety, always keep the backup of the data to avoid such painful situation where you find the need to recover the data.

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