The Important changes to Google’s Algorithm in 2013

The Important changes to Google’s Algorithm in 2013

Google has made some big changes in 2013. Especially, one that affects about 90 percent of searches worldwide calls it Hummingbird. It’s a new algorithm and not an algorithm updates like panda and penguin. Panda and penguin are parts of the bigger algorithm, but it has been compared to caffeine.


Hummingbird is obviously the biggest thing they have done to the algorithm in twelve. Call it the conclusion of fifteen years of work, because the hummingbird was announced on one day before Google 15th birthday.

Hummingbird is designed to let Google to identify full question searches instead of just parsing specific keywords. After Hummingbird release Google search is now better at understanding concepts, relationship between concepts, and also can appropriately rank answers to these long-tail query searches.

Before and after Hummingbird, Google rolled out several updates. Particularly, Panda updates, Penguin updates, all Keywords encrypted and more.

E2M solutions created helpful Infographic it covers a number of important changes to Google’s algorithm over the past year. In this Infographic, mentioned date was not everything matches to the exact dates, such as Hummingbird spike on August 20th and many reports of flux from August 20-22.

So, the Infographic below is the useful resource to know the biggest changes to Google’s algorithm in 2013.