[Infographic] Facebook’s New Image Dimensions: Timeline, Posts, Ads

[Infographic] Facebook’s New Image Dimensions: Timeline, Posts, Ads


In recent days, if you’ve gotten the hang on your Facebook Timeline, they go ahead and can change it. The Facebook marketing expert Jon Loomer designed an infographic, published in January, has been performed and no longer in use by the social network’s changes to the designs of its News Feed and desktop pages, therefore Loomer updated his infographic to account for the changes.

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Jon Loomer says, “Due to some additional changes made to Facebook’s News Feed and Page design, an update to this infographic needed to be made. All dimensions displayed in the infographic below are up-to-date as of April 8, 2014.”

The below infographic has undergo a major redesign which puts a lot more emphasis on visuals. It helps to marketers to make sure all the images they post to the site are optimized to show up with the right sizes.