[Infographic] How to Use Google Plus and Become a Plus Wizard

[Infographic] How to Use Google Plus and Become a Plus Wizard


Recently, The New York Times has said Google+ is like a ‘ghost town’ as well most marketers also agree. Google says, Google Plus has 540 million monthly active users, but almost half of them do not visit the social network.

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According to Forbes, asked more than 60,000 US online adults who use social sites, 22% told they visited Google Plus each month. At the same time, that’s the same number told they use Twitter, and more than told they use LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram. Brands have collected 90% as many fans on Google+ as on Twitter. Second most important thing is Google Plus posts generated nearly as much engagement per follower as their Facebook posts — and almost twice as much engagement per follower as their Twitter posts.

Most marketers try hard to ignore Google Plus and its benefits. However, they can no longer afford to ignore this powerful social marketing tool. They forget that Google Plus is Google’s social spine, highly instinctive and immensely powerful as well as it’s adding more integrations by the month. If you want to add a listing for your local business on Google Places definitely you have to be on Google+. So what are you looking for? Get ready to become a Google + wizard.

The following infographic created by Gryffin Media, this infographic helps you to learn how to use Google Plus and become a Plus Wizard.