Infographic: How to Get Verified on Twitter

Infographic: How to Get Verified on Twitter

What do Anna Kendrick, Kim Kardashian, Serena Williams, William Shatner and Barack Obama all have in common? They’ve got verified Twitter accounts.

Up until recently, Twitter handed out verified blue checkmarks to the accounts of prominent politicians, actors, athletes, businesspeople, musicians, authors, journalists, and academics. However, it is now available to the public. On July 19, Twitter has opened up an application process for verified accounts so anyone on Twitter can apply to become verified.

So what’s the benefit for you? If you verifying your Twitter account, you can get greater success on the twitter platform. As it offers users more insight into their analytics and provides more options for engaging with followers.

To find out more about the verifying process, check out the infographic below from the folks at SurePayroll.