Infographic: How to Improve Your Facebook Page’s Organic Reach

Infographic: How to Improve Your Facebook Page’s Organic Reach

Does it feel like your Facebook engagement and reach start to slow down? That is easy to point the blame at the Facebook News Feed algorithm and although Facebook’s algorithm might be responsible for such a change to some extent.

According to Ogilvy, organic reach for brands on Facebook has seen a shocking 49% drop from peak levels in October 2013. Assume there is nothing you can do to back this trend; there are actually a few ways to get back some organic reach for your page.

The infographic below from Quick Sprout to learn some actionable tips for combating the effects of Facebook’s ever-changing algorithm.


According to the infographic, here I listed some important factors and strategies.

The Facebook News Feed is Impacted by 7 Main Factors

  1. Post types (photos, text, videos)
  2. Which posts are user hi reports as spam
  3. A user’s interaction with Facebook ads
  4. A user’s device and Internet speed
  5. Affinity – How much the user interacts with your pages posts
  6. Weight – The prevalence and distribution of likes, comments, and shares for a Page post.
  7. Decay – The longer your post has been around, the less likely it will be to show up in news feeds.

7 Strategies to Increase Facebook Organic Reach

  1. Engagement and websites traffic are more meaningful metrics than reach
  2. Openness and disclosure is a key strategy for success among Fortune 500 companies.
  3. Donors, Volunteers, and advocates expect an interaction with your organization on Facebook.
  4. Create positive interactions and experiences with your Facebook community.
  5. Vary and experiment with posting times to see what works for your fan base.
  6. Understand your fan base by asking highly specific closed questions.
  7. Publish useful infographics and other self-explanatory photos.
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