Infographic: Tips for Twitter Time Management

Infographic: Tips for Twitter Time Management

Generating brand awareness through advertising can be surely easy. But which may not be continuous in the long-term and also publicity in the sense does not come cheap at all.

This infographic from imugur that illustrates the twitter time management tips. Here I listed a few of the most important tips from this illustration and also check out all tips throughout the image.

    1. 5 pm is the correct time of day to be active on Twitter if you want to be retweeted.

    2. Social media tools like Hootsuite and Buffer allow you to schedule a day’s worth of post in one quick upload. This means that you can get out the information you wish to share that day and use your power sessions to focus on engagement.

    3. Twitter Feed is a common automagic tool for maintaining your social media activity. It is not only a replacement for interacting, but a valuable tool for pulling fresh content into your tweet stream.

    4. Prior to opening up Twitter to work on-line. This is important to decide how much time you can comfortably spend on your upcoming session.

    5. You don’t have to Tweet everything right away. Keep a paper and pen, or some note taking device if you prefer, take notes of things to tweet later.

    6. Being ON all-day, every day is a recipe for social burnout. Provide yourself technology downtime where you don’t interact.