iPhone development and seven facts

iPhone development and seven facts


Last Thursday was a sweeter day for iPhone lovers. Already you know, although I remind that day “iPhone’s 7th Anniversary”.

Definitely here I would like to share the important notes and development about the iPhone. Seven years ago on Jan 9, Apple CEO and founder Steve Jobs presented the first iPhone to the public.

Announcement was made in January 2007, and it was not available for sale until the end of June 2007. In fact, the iPhone didn’t go on sale to eager hordes of consumers until June 29. At that time people had to wait to purchase the iPhone.

At the end of 2008, Steve Jobs hoped Apple would grab one percent of the global market for cell phones. A recent survey stated nearly a 50% of all cell phones are iPhones. After several releases, Apple has sent more than 420 million units of its signature smartphone, as of September 30, 2013.

Especially, Statista created this infographic on iPhone’s 7th anniversary day. This infographic helps to know the featuring seven facts about the 7-year-old phone.

Seven Facts About Apple’s Blockbuster Smartphone