Statistics Guide Report for Marketing on Pinterest [Infographic]

Statistics Guide Report for Marketing on Pinterest [Infographic]

Pinterest has more than 70 million registered users and 20-30 million active monthly users. It’s a force to be evaluated with in the world of social networking.

A study of 50,000 random Pinterest users reveals that 92 percent of all “pins” are made by women. The 84 percent of whom have been active ever since Pinterest first launched four years ago. Although the study states that only 80% of Pinterest’s user base is female, only 8 percent of all pins are made by men.

Check out the infographic below from CoSchedule that shows why it is most important to you as a social media marketer as well as how you can reach this powerful audience. Here I listed some interesting statistics from this report and also check out all statistics throughout the image.

  • CoSchedule recently analyzed more than 1 million headlines in their database and found that pinterest accounted for an astounding 90 percent of all social media shares.
  • Nine out of ten pinterest users are women.
  • Pinterest is greatly supports certain topics that related to Food and Drink, Home Decor and Hair and Beauty.