The Evolution of Keyword Research Tools

The Evolution of Keyword Research Tools

Nowadays, Keywords phrases and Keywords topics are at the important of search engine marketing. When you use keywords in title and phrases, search engines will highlight them in the search results if a user has performed a query, including those keywords. It provides the user greater visibility, which means you’ll get a higher click-through rate.

Selecting key phrases and topics for your website and even social media profiles is therefore of more importance. But you have to understand how this is all changing with the advent of semantic and conversational search.

Before the Internet, we relied heavily on books, magazines, newspapers, TV news and the Yellow Pages for information about companies. However, now the search engines has changed completely all of that by indexing a large portion of human knowledge and they are getting smarter at understanding the meaning of what users are searching for.

Check out the old giant tools, including Google Adwords keyword planner, and SEMrush combined with new players like MarketMuse – a modern keyword tool that helps uncover gaps in your content. While you won’t have enough time in the day to write good content for each phrase you find, but you can have fun trying.


Infographic via McDougall Interactive