Three-Dimensional Approach in Website Testing

Three-Dimensional Approach in Website Testing

If your website testing through this three-dimensional approach surely your website looks clean and attracts more people.

Operating systems, browsers and resolutions are the three-dimensional approach in website testing. When Developers to create websites, they feel difficult in these areas. That is websites compatible to various web browsers, OS and resolutions.

Mobile Compatibility check for the website is the primary foundation and base for successful three dimensional testing.

According to Webby Monks, Mobile internet browsing has increased 24% share worldwide considering the overall internet browsing market share statistics. So the mobile internet is equally important as desktop.

The below infographic was designed by Webby Monks, illustrate the most popular operating systems for web and mobile, most popular browsers for web and mobile and the top 10 resolutions for January, 2014. Here I listed some significant point from this infographic .

  • Windows 7 continue to be the most popular desktop OS with around 54% market share, followed by Windows XP.
  • Android has become increasingly popular with 44% of market share followed by iOS.
  • Easily accessible and much simpler Chrome continue to be the favorite desktop browser for people with 47% of market share followed by IE.
  • Safari leads the mobile browser arena with 41% of market share followed by Android.
  • Most common resolutions are 1366*768, 1280*1024 and 768*1024.