Tips for Using Animation in Online Marketing

Tips for Using Animation in Online Marketing

In the digital age of online marketing, it’s a challenge to remain relevant and separate you from the crowd. In a competitive marketplace, you need a strategy that fights for consumer attention and delivers a wow experience for your customers.

Online marketing campaigns can benefit from the use of animation to further impress their message on visitors, improving conversion and landing your company more sales. Here are ten ideas you can implement in your marketing strategy.

1. Bring your Website to Life with Animation

Sick of your boring website? The chances are your customers feel the same way. Bring your website to life using GIF’s, animated videos, and interactive animations. These animation tools allow you to capture the attention of eyeballs visiting your site.

Clickable animations and interactive widgets are a fantastic way of incentivising prospects to navigate their way through your site. These tools add an extra dimension to your site that prospective customers won’t find when they visit your competitors.

2. Show and Tell with Stop Motion Animation

Stop motion animation is an excellent story-telling tool. The best example of this animation style is the Lego movies. Animators arrange real-life characters in a sequence of poses, taking individual shots and melding them into a seamless, fluid-motion video.

Stop motion gives marketers the opportunity to provide prospects with a hands-on, real-world demonstration of your products and services. This style of animation best suits design-focused businesses, as well as the food and beverage industry.

3. Engage Your Audience with Motion Graphics

This technique makes use of colourful graphics and design to create the illusion of movement, bringing excitement to your videos. Engage your audience with high-quality motion graphics that condense information into a concise and easy-to-understand format.

The best part about a stop-motion strategy is the fact that you can execute ideas without a huge marketing budget. There are free tools available online that assist you in creating high-quality graphics for your products and services.

4. Capture Attention with Animated Explainer Videos

Explain complicated concepts using animated explainer videos. Depending on your brand’s theme and personality, you can use a light-hearted animated video to capture the attention of your audience and address consumer problems with your solutions using an animated medium.

Cartoons are an excellent example of animated video marketing. If you have a clear understanding of your target audience, then animation is a fantastic way to boost audience engagement with your brand. Animations are simple to work with and take very little production-time to create a mesmerising visual effect.

5. Blow Away Your Competition with 3D Animated Video

3D animations are incredibly impressive, but they are a reasonably expensive means to animate your website. However, no other animation option will attract as many eyeballs as this strategy. Using 3D on your site sends a message to prospects that your brand or company is head-and-shoulders above the competition.

You’ll need to contact an animation studio and discuss your plans for animating your site in 3D. It’s a complicated process that requires talented and experienced designers and animators to manufacture a final video that captivates the attention of your target market.

6. Outline Concepts with Whiteboard Animations

Whiteboard videos are the hottest trend in animation at the moment. They’re a means of conveying your company’s message or products to your audience using a tool that everyone enjoys watching. The concept works by recording a whiteboard as an artist draws out a storyline. Add a voice-over, and you have an incredibly useful marketing tool.

This animation tool takes a lighthearted route to promote your brand, company, as well as your products and services. You can create a whiteboard video for just about anything on your site. Product descriptions, service offerings, technical descriptions, as well as policies and procedures, are all examples of areas of your website that can benefit from animated whiteboard videos.

7. Impress Your Customers with Animated E-cards

Do you send out Christmas cards or birthday cards to your customers? Save your company time and money by sending them an e-card this festive season. Animated e-cards are an excellent way of communicating with your prospective and existing customer base. They’re simple to design and have a powerful impact.

8. Make Your Own GIF’s

Do you love GIFs? Guess what – your clients do as well. This viral marketing tool allows you to capture an amusing moment and bring a dose of humour to your site.

GIF’s are easy to design using platforms like Giphy, and they help to boost your brand’s image using a short and snappy clip that drives home a message to prospects. They’re an excellent tool for new product launches and the ideal form of media for social platforms.

9. Animate Your Company Logo

Breathe new life into your old company brand identity using an animated logo design. Your brand identity is one of the pillars of your marketing strategy. Therefore, it makes sense to ensure you’re optimising the potential of your logo.

Animated logos build top-of-mind awareness in your target market by providing an image that’s easy to remember and synonymous with your brand’s theme and values.

10. Animated Email Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing is a time-tested online marketing strategy that brings outstanding results. However, all your competitors use this strategy as well. Stand out from the competition and use animation in your email marketing campaigns.

Use animation to dress-up your email marketing and differentiate your identity from the rest of the competition.
I hope you find these tips useful – all the best for your future animations! To close, here are some examples of my favourite animations.