The Top Color Trends of 2014

The Top Color Trends of 2014

Earlier this year, Shutterstock has published its third annual global design trends infographic, and they are following up with some facts and figures that are all about color. Using a data from their collection of 40 million images, 400 million all-time downloads and they analyzed which popular colors are set to dominate design in the coming months.

Check out the infographic below that illustrates which hues and hex codes have been the most popular, and which are on the rise in 2014. Here I’ve listed some interesting color trends explore from this infographic.

Colors Around the World

Trends always vary by region,

  • North America – Green and Blue
  • Africa – Red and Orange
  • Europe – Green
  • Russia, China and Argentina – Pink

Trending Colors

  • Green peaked at an 81% increase
  • Gray increased 58%
  • Blue increased 37%
  • Purple grew 20% and is on the rise
  • Beige decreased 60%

Source: Shutterstock

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