Some of the Ways to Quickly Enable the Internet

Some of the Ways to Quickly Enable the Internet

Today can count on fingers who without use of the internet. If don’t have the Internet in the country, the truth is that each information transfer hangs. The extent to which the Internet has changed everyone’s life merged together.

The Internet plays an important role to add a file and quickly went into the appropriate place. In that way, How the Internet is the easiest way to know whether quickly enable, we can further ease the work. See about that.

1. When we are looking for giving a web address to the address bar, just we will be fully. Instead of just giving the website address of the page you want to view, then namely CreativeShory that the only type, if you give Ctrl + Enter, www and com will join automatically. Similarly, if you want .NET, Ctrl + Shift + Enter that should give.

2. While looking at the web page, if you want to go to the Address Bar, Ctrl + L, F6, Alt + D, enough to give any one of these.

3. You without knowing who was watching to close the web page, then that page if you want to see again, the easiest way than to open it and look into the History, though if you press the keys of Ctrl + Shift + T.

4. While Looking at one or multiple web pages and go from one to another, If you give the keys’ Ctrl + Tab watching you from the side to the next page. This method is very simple. Also, instead of Ctrl + Num 1, 2, 3, 4 give these keys that will work.

5. If you want to change the file name, it to put the cursor on top, right-clicking and rename the change. Instead of, F2 can hit. You can alternate the name. Go to the next file, you can just hit Tab.

6. If two or more files should be in the same name, you would think that would give the same name to select all files to bring together, right-clicking and rename a file name change, all the other files of the same name will be changed automatically as 1, 2, 3.