How Your Brain ‘Sees’ a Logo – #Infographic

How Your Brain ‘Sees’ a Logo – #Infographic

Logos play an important emotional role in influencing decision making, particularly when information or time is limited. Take a second to sit back and think about your favorite brand. Maybe it’s a sports brand, like Nike. Or perhaps it’s a luxury brand, like Mercedes or BMW. Now you think about that brand’s logo. Do you feel comforted, excited or inspired? And Are the colors warm and fuzzy, elegant and modern, colorful and energizing?

Indeed, well-liked brands trigger responses in the same areas of the brain that process human relationships. If you love your iPhone, seeing the Apple logo can actually kindle the warm and fuzzy feelings that seeing the face of an old friend inspires sleek. In 400 milliseconds, a logo can trigger emotional responses and even behavioral change. Neuroscience tells us that logos — and the brands behind them — can activate parts of your brain in a much deeper manner than you may think.

Check out the infographic below, Logomaker created this infographic from their research, to find out more about how your brain breaks down a logo, and how the process can affect your actions.


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