Sochi 2014: Best Android and iOS Apps to Follow the Winter Olympics

Sochi 2014: Best Android and iOS Apps to Follow the Winter Olympics

Sochi-2014-Winter-OlympicsThese smartphone and tablet apps to help you follow all your favorite athletes and events to stay updated on top of all the latest news from Sochi.

The 2014 winter Olympics, officially the 22nd winter Olympics started in Sochi, Russia, on Friday. Sochi is a sprawling resort town in Russia. Everybody not be able to go there to watch the game and also there’s no way any fan can keep up with all the events and news without some extra help.

There are so many apps for smartphone and tablet that helps you to know the up-to-the-minute results, medal counts, and more. Here I listed the best apps that will keep you up speeding on everything from video highlights, social-media trends and news updates.

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Sochi 2014 Results


Sochi 2014 results app created by Sochi Organizing Committee, it offers keeps you up to date on the results for individual Olympic events. The results app lets you to choose your favorite country, sports and athletes based on your interest and receive live updates from every competition and medal ceremony. Further, users can read news and Olympic history as well as users can watch video highlights, and photo galleries.

Available for: iOS, Android and WP 8

NBC Sports Live Extra


NBC is the official Olympics broadcast network in the United States, so the NBC app takes a top pick for watching the Olympic favorite events, full replays and highlights. The app allows you to see a complete schedule for the entire games and what channels to watch by entering zip code. Live video is limited to U.S. cable subscribers, if you want to watch more than 30 minutes, you’ll need to be a paying cable customer and pass over your cable account details. But everyone can watch highlights as well as sends you push notifications and reminders for events about upcoming competitions. It’s free and the app is available for iOS, Android and WP 8.

Available for: iOS, Android and WP 8

NBC Olympics Highlights


Don’t have a pay-TV subscription? The free NBC’s Olympics Highlights app brings you all the latest news, video and social-media updates straight from Sochi. It allows you to check out the highlights and winners from every event, and also you can get in-depth news, results and standings from NBC’s Sochi live blog and personalized breaking news notifications. It also acts as a second screen app it offers you to watch video on the big screen.

Available for: iOS, Android

Sochi 2014 Guide


Sochi 2014 Guide is the official guide app it can be accessed from any country. If any users lucky enough to be attending the Sochi 2014 games, this app helps to check the event schedules in local time as well last-minute ticket sales and detailed maps of Olympic park. Plus it provides you to see pictures of the environment, maps to track the torch and longer event and follow news about the Olympics.

Available for: iOS, Android and WP 8

ESPN SportsCenter


ESPN SportsCenter app lets you to keep an eye on event news, Scores and medal count. ESPN has updated its SportsCenter app to version 4.0.3. ESPN’s updated app adds a new tab for keeping track of the events in Sochi, enhanced Twitter integration, improved performance, and iOS 7 improvements.

Available for: iOS, Android

Olympic Athletes’ Hub


This is a great app to discover and follow the latest social-media updates from all your favorite Olympians. The app lets you search by specific sport, team, country, and athlete, and get a unique overview of Olympians. Connect your social-media accounts, and follow athletes to earn points and badges on the scoreboard.

Available for: iOS, Android

Yahoo Sports


Yahoo updated its Yahoo Sports app for Android and iOS, it offers to keep event news, scores and medal count. The updated app adds an improved news feed and performance.

Available for: iOS, Android

Sochi 2014 Medal Alert


Sochi 2014 Medal Alert app created by international Olympic Committee, it allows to choose your favorite team, country and athlete. It helps to notify you whenever a medal is awarded.

Available for: iOS, Android

2014 Team USA Road to Sochi


It allows check out athlete bios and video clips. This app offers you’ll keep up to date on each athlete, keep track of what their favorite athletes are doing and showing you the results of each event.

Available for: iOS, Android



This app providing the latest news, scores and stats from Sochi, theScore’s personalization features allow users to subscribe to Breaking News and Medal Alerts for their favorite countries.

Available for: iOS, Android

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