The Beginners Guide to Online Advertising

The Beginners Guide to Online Advertising

If your small business is online or offline, you have to advertise your presence to your target audience when you want to sell something.

The Internet has made reaching your target audience much easier and cheaper than before. Previously, you had to spend a lot of money on a TV commercial or an ad in the yellow pages, but now you can spend just a few bucks advertising on websites and social media.

Should you invest in Facebook ads, Twitter ads or Google AdWords? How much should you bid? And that’s not even getting into all the confusing jargon and acronyms you need to know to buy an ad, like Pay Per Click, Cost Per Management and Click Through Rate.

Check out the basics below, from Who Is Hosting This. This graphic guide lets you getting started with online advertising so you can focus on getting the word out about your small business.